Sunday, March 1, 2015

Hi, March.

Happy March!

As usual, I have LOTS of photos to procrastinate about posting here. Maybe I'll end up showing you a tiny percentage of them in a few months! The one above is from today, and I actually took it in the Safeway parking lot. Grocery store photography: only for the glamorous.

Instead of a full list of pictures and categories to tell you about February, I'm just going to give a quick list. It was a pretty busy month this year--usually it gets lumped with January as a down month. But with the great weather we're having in the PNW, I've treated it like spring.

In February, I:
  • Went to Champoeg State Park and saw my uncle's family, who I hadn't seen in years
  • Baked and frosted a bunch of heart cookies
  • Started watching Community and Brooklyn Nine Nine
  • Learned more about Enneagram and what type I might be
  • Took a tour of one of the printers we use at work, and then had lunch at Marco's for my first time
  • Roadtripped to California over Valentine's/President's weekend
  • Read Yes Please by Amy Poehler
  • Did my taxes
  • Took my friend Katrina's engagement photos
  • Attended a watercolor workshop
  • Went to the coast and Connie Hansen Garden in Lincoln City
  • Went to Willamette Mission state park
  • Went to Deepwood Estate and Bush Park a few times to take pictures
  • Played a lot of games
  • Made popcorn on the stove all by myself for my first time
It was a full month, and included lots of sunshine. Sooooo nice.

I have a couple of plans in March, but I wouldn't mind staying close to home most of the time. Hopefully the awesome weather will continue. Have a great month!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Z is 13

I do these special posts when my nephieces turn 13. It's a big year, and it's a way to make it extra special and introduce you to my now-teenaged nephew, Z. Many of these photos were taken by my sister.

Z came to live with my sister when he was about 15 months old, so I didn't get to see him as a tiny baby, though I'm sure he was extremely adorable. He's always been adorable (and handsome!)...

...though he can be a handful!

But he has so much charm and silliness, mixed with a lot of affection and love for animals (real or stuffed). And he gives awesome hugs.

He is a natural when it comes to riding bikes and skateboards, and many other athletic activities. If he holds his tongue just right, that is...

He asks good questions. He can be a very good helper. He loves fruit. He's at his best when he has one-on-one time with the people he loves.

And he's been entertaining us since we met him.

Here are a few Z quotes:

"Mama, there's a little bit of moth guts on your wheel ... that's what happens sometimes ... you know Daddy ran over a caterpillar at our school the other day and it was only trying to cross .. (shrug)." --Z, age 4

He thought long and hard about his wish and then just before blowing out the candle he said out loud, "I wish I could be SELFISH!" After he blew it out, he said, "I mean ... NOT selfish." Darn ... does it still count?? --My sister sharing what he said on his 7th birthday.

"Mom, but I'm so full! I'm F ...A ...L ...M, full!!" --Z, age 6

"You know how I think about my stuffed animals like they are real with feelings? Well I guess I think about our house that way too sometimes and it makes me sad to think about how our house and our yard feels that we are leaving it and how all the kids and parents who love our house are just never coming back. And maybe the house is crying quietly about it all because it knows that it is going to be very quiet and empty now without our family." --Z, age 6 :(

"I'm not WILLY (really) your husband, J. Don't keep calling me 'Honey.'" --Z, age 6, to his sister J when she wanted to pretend they were married.

"Check email and keep her kids safe." --Z, age 7, answering the question of what his mom does for a job.

This was Z presenting me with a soda because I always refer to that shirt as his vacation bartender shirt. :D

Happy birthday, Z! We love you!

[I'm pretty sure these posts get longer with each nephiece--it's not favoritism, I just get more into it, I guess!]

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Pre-spring and catchup (warning: lots of pink)

Wouldn't it be nice if I could keep up with my blog more regularly? Every time I post here, I feel like there are too many pictures! I have to narrow everything down so much.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Valentine's Day!

I wanted to say more about Valentine's Day because I have a lot of happy feelings for it! But I've been busy as I prepare for a little road trip I'm taking. I'm posting this on Friday night so you might see it before V-day is almost over. I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend, possibly thinking about the presidents ;) and/or having fun times with your loved ones.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Christmas Party

The day after Christmas, my parents hosted a party for friends and relatives. It was a combination gathering for Christmas, my dad's retirement, an introduction for my sister's new husband, and an open house to visit with people we don't get to see very often. (Especially since my sisters and I have moved to other states.) It was a nice time, and I'm happy so many people stopped by during a busy time of year! I got to see some relatives and friends I haven't seen in forevs. Thanks to my mom and dad for being great hosts, as always. We grew up having lots of gatherings and dinners with friends and family. Lots of happy times that contributed to my own hostessing habits.

These photos will mostly be of interest to those in attendance, but hopefully they are somewhat enjoyable even if these are strangers to you. I didn't manage to get permission from everyone pictured, so if you see your photo and you don't want it here in public, please let me know and I can take it down.


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