Sunday, March 21, 2010


Yesterday was the first day of spring, and the weather was appropriately spring-like. SO NICE. I went a few places to get some photos, though I didn't really take all that many. Still, I can share a few here. Please excuse the vague descriptions...

Here's a blossomy tree.

The lovely cherry trees. I take the same pictures each year--some of you are probably bored right now. :P

Nothing special about this photo, but I like white daffodils (and most white flowers).

A nearby wildlife refuge has a nice trail. It's still a little early, so it's obviously not lush, but it was nice to get out in nature anyway. I'll probably go back in a few months when it's greener.

I'm not even sure I like this photo, but it's kind of springy looking. I had the wrong lens on when I took it, so it didn't really turn out as I wanted, but I was too lazy to switch lenses.

Is it springy where you live?


  1. Gorgeous photos! And I never get tired of your photos either :)

  2. OHHHHHHH! I want spring! We had 3-5 inches of snow yesterday. These are just lovely!

  3. I just love cherry blossom trees. That's one thing I'll miss about DC is how beautiful it was in the spring with all the cherry blossoms blooming.

  4. Canticles: You guys have had the weirdest winter! Thank you. :)

    Emily: My friend in DC talks about that. I'd like to see that sometime. But don't they have them in Nashville?

  5. I never get tired of cherry tree photos! :)

  6. These pictures are beautiful!!! I LOVE the cherry trees! And the birds... and the trail... everything!

  7. So beautiful!! That very first picture...that's right by where I come and go from parking underground at work!

  8. made me realize I had a messed up link for the first photo! So you mean the second one. That's cool--so you're always in the know about those trees. I'll have to ask you about it next year...usually I just try to drive by to check on them.

  9. Ah, yes, the second picture now. Yes, those trees and I are special friends...first thing I see each morning and almost last thing I see most nights.



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