Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Some things I've come across without trying

The other day I was playing a game (Dominoes, apparently) on Yahoo! when this ad appeared, and I did a quick screen-capture for my friend. It's an ad for their dating site, I think. This windswept hairstyle that the model is wearing makes it look sort of like someone drew a curly mustache on her. I just don't understand why Yahoo! chose this picture for their ad when there are millions of other stock photos available. Is there no better way to illustrate "carefree"?

And speaking of stock images...

At work I was perusing stock images for a project and somehow the above came up in my search (my keyword was "three," NOT "sexy"). I love the description: "vector illustration of three very attractive models posing." How do we know these models are "very attractive"? I guess attractiveness really is just reliant on a woman's apparent figure. But check out the witch finger on the girl on the right. Maybe she's doing "The Claw" to the girl in the middle, I'm not sure.

Later, I was doing a good old-fashioned Google images search for "rope," and saw this (free!) jump rope clip art. Nice attire. I guess undies with loafers is perfectly acceptable workout wear for a guy, while there is no better jumping ensemble than a swimming suit and tennies for a girl.


  1. These are hilarious. I especially love the jumprope one. And your description had me crying with laughter. Thanks for sharing. -R

  2. LOL! Love the pictures and your commentary. :D

    -Ruth M.

  3. I too loved the jumprope description. Undies!


  4. HILARIOUS! I guess they're supposed to be Charlie's Angels?

  5. I guess they do kind of seem Charlie's Angelsish. :)

    Thanks for commenting, everyone!



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