Thursday, May 6, 2010

Topic Medley

I haven't blogged for a couple of days because all of my topic ideas are boring. (And I've been slightly busy.) Well, maybe they aren't boring to begin with, but I have a certain effect on them. I call it Jessica's Special Treatment, available at a retailer near you.

But why fight the boredom? Instead, I will embrace it by telling you that today I got a new mouse pad at work. Who knew you could wear out a mouse pad? Not I, but after my mouse kept having issues with, well, pointing at things, I realized--through extremely scientific experimentation--that the worn areas of the pad were throwing it off. It has been 4.5 years, so I suppose it's reasonable that it would be time for it to retire and enjoy a life of leisure.

Instead of a monotopical entry, I will instead give you a little of everything by touching (ever so lightly, much like the feather of a chickadee) on several topics I had in mind.

BLOGS: I follow many blogs, but one recent add to my Google Reader that I have enjoyed is Broken Secrets. It contains helpful facts and tricks that apply to everyday life.

GAMES: In case you have a need for (more) addictive computer games in your daily routine, I thought I'd start introducing you to some that I have enjoyed. Start with Bubble Spinner. I haven't actually played it in months, because I burned myself out, but lately I've been kind of tempted to go back and spin it up real nice.

BEVERAGES: I think I've been totally converted to Coke Zero products as opposed to Diet. When they first came out, I really didn't understand the difference and just ignored them, but now I find I'm disappointed when no Zero is available. Vanilla Zero is my favorite, but I like cherry and regular too. I drink too much soda.

HONESTY: My friend Laura "tagged" me to be all honest and stuff (as opposed to most of my entries, which are pure lies). I started compiling a list, but for now I'll just give you one confession: Most of the books I read are very light. I want reading to be fun and relaxing, not a constant mental challenge. I once started Wuthering Heights and was lost within the first 20 minutes, so I never finished it. The combination of my poor reading comprehension and extreme procrastination issues might cause one to wonder how I ever graduated college. (No confessions on my final GPA, though I'm sure you've guessed there was no laude involved.)

YAY: Today I got off work an hour early! They were painting the floor down the hall, and the smell was very strong. We had been warned, but I didn't actually think it would be a problem with our door closed. It was! I'm glad I escaped before a headache came on.

COOKING: I've been wanting to post more recipes here but there are two reasons why I haven't: 1) The last few recipes I've made were either not that great or not very photogenic; 2) I'm not satisfied with my old photos of previous meals, so I'd rather make them again before I post about them.

Now I have other work to do, so bye.


  1. Fun post. I find that occasionally, boredom generates creativity. Sometimes boredom generates more boredom. But this was not the case here. Thank you for sharing more about yourself. :) -R

    Btw, word verification alert: What the "hetsk"?! Okay, maybe not.

  2. It always takes me a minute to remember what you mean when you mention the word verification. I don't have to do one for my own blog, so I don't run into it much.

  3. Just like me to keep you guessing with the stuff I say. :-P -R



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