Thursday, June 10, 2010

Niece Portraits

I'll begin my photo recap of weekend events with the portrait session I did with my beautiful niece. This is my oldest niece (at 15), and she's a very good photography subject. I find that the fewer instructions I give her, the better her poses. She's a natural, and was patient with her mom and me while we constantly asked her to smile for the camera throughout the weekend. First, I thought it would be fun to start with two older photos. I took these four years ago when I was barely starting to practice portraits.

Aww! There she is--all 11 and stuff. I fixed her hair kind of poofy there, but I still like it. Yeah, I have this little-known hobby of hairstyling, and I secretly would like to do wedding hair. Maybe in my next life. (Maybe I'll start fixing my own hair in my next life, too.)

Fast forward to this past weekend. I fixed her hair again but it was sort of a rush job, and then the weather was all humid and it basically went back to her natural curls in minutes. But it still looked good--she has great hair.

I'm talking about hair a lot.


And we'll finish with my favorites. Beauty!

I guess I didn't take any horizontal photos that I kept. I need to work on that.

Okay, well I'd better get back to more important matters. The Wii isn't going to play itself!


  1. Well done! :) She is pretty.

    You can fix my hair for my wedding! ;)

    -Ruth M

  2. All of these are beautiful. You do such nice work. :) -R

  3. Thanks!

    Ruth, I wish I could!

  4. Very nice! My favorites are #4 and #11.

  5. She is SUCH a beauty!!

  6. Wow - I really must be better at keeping up. I miss you and your witicisms...and seeing all your cool photos, too! Man, S.C. looks so lovely - kids grow up too darn fast. I'm glad they were out to visit you. Sorry about your neck - ouch!! And I.B. - what a little cutie! Hard to believe he's running around like a madman nowadays.



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