Saturday, June 26, 2010

The yard.

There are many pointless things I could tell you, but I will post photos instead. These are just from around my home--nothing special.

He looks very glad that I'm taking his photo.

Oh yeah, so here are my lilies that I was all bragging about, but now they are dying! I think and hope it's just their natural cycle of life and that it has nothing to do with me and my (lack of) gardening skills.

I hope you like yellow weeds, because that's what most of these photos include!

It turns out there are millions of ways to photograph yellow weeds, and I tried a large portion of them.

Young adult mallards. They still hang together like a group of infants, but they are almost full grown.

More later!


  1. Pretty floral pics as always. I'll bet Mama Duck is ready for her "young adult kids" to leave the nest already. "Stop following me around and just let me be! I want to travel ... or at least take a shower by myself." Ha. I enjoy putting human emotions into animals, it makes me feel better about my own thoughts if I can test them out first with less caring beings and see if it sounds too mean to say as a mother. -R

  2. Oh, I loved the bird photos, too. I just forgot to include that in my other comment. That one with the bird squawking at you is terrific fun. -R

  3. Thanks! Terrific fun.. I don't think I've heard you say that expression before.

  4. I aim to please and surprise. :-P -R

  5. I DO like yellow weeds!



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