Thursday, July 15, 2010

Butterflies (Pt. 2)

This isn't a major butterfly update, but I just wanted to say that the caterpillars seemed to have had a major growth spurt just today! Maybe I hadn't noticed it up until this point, but I feel like I left them this morning looking one size, and got home and they were practically double that size. It actually kind of creeped me out, like I had gone through a time warp where everything else ages except me. That or a gremlin situation where the animals grow and multiply at lightning speed.

The cup is looking quite messy now with the silk webs and "waste" all over the place (these caterpillars live like savages), in addition to these much larger caterpillars, so I'm going to spare you and not post a photo (though I took a few so I can compare their size on my own). It's just not pretty. I guess I didn't read carefully to know the caterpillars would grow some before going into the cocoon stage! Craziness...disturbing craziness.

If you ever want to look back on other butterfly entries, just click on the "butterfly garden" topic on the right side of my blog.


  1. I want to see photos! :) -R

  2. Okay - next time I post I'll just link to photos instead of putting them right in the entry, that way people have a choice.



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