Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Foreign Candy

No butterfly news today, don't worry! In fact, I will not use that b-word anymore in this post.

It's nice to have friends in other countries, especially if they are thoughtful and generous friends who send me candy. :) Today I received a package from a friend in New Zealand after having a conversation about "Aussie-style chewy candy" that I saw at Target.

Yeah, I took a picture of the envelope. Why the heck not?

The contents! He's sent me Whittaker's milk chocolate before and knows I love it, so that was a little bonus. :) Then we have two kinds of licorice candies. Interesting. I decided to open those so I could see what they actually looked like.

The Raspberry Choc Logs are basically smooth licorice over some sort of chocolate. I tried a piece of these and I actually liked it more than I thought I would! I didn't open the chocolate one yet.

These Licorice Allsorts are very photogenic, so I had to construct a tower out of them. I tried two so far: a yellow one and one of those colored-sprinkle ones. Um... :) Well, the yellow one reminded me of those Circus Peanuts and either black or almost root beerish licorice. Weird, I know. The sprinkled one had a flavor I couldn't place. Not quite like black licorice, but I don't really know what it was! I'm bringing these to work to let my coworkers try them out.

While we're on the subject of candy, another friend said he tried pretzel M&Ms today. Did you even know they sold those? I sure did not. Anyway, they sound okay but I won't be rushing out to try them.

And now that we're on the subject of M&Ms, I'll post an old photo that has just been sitting around, unused. Designer M&Ms! I like photographing colorful things.

Anyway, thanks S! I know it can be a hassle to mail internationally, so I am especially grateful for your thoughtfulness. :) I owe you some Crunch bars now.. and I'm sorry I can't mail you root beer (something hard to find in NZ, apparently).

[By the way, readers, I added these little clicky "reaction" boxes because I saw the feature when I was perusing options. I figure that makes it easier if you want to note that you stopped by but not go to the trouble of commenting. I can't choose the reactions, so I understand that many of my entries cannot be described with any of those terms. :P]


  1. The little sprinkle puffs look interesting : )

    And I could go for a boatful of those M&Ms!

  2. One boatful coming up! I know how to make an origami Chinese Junk so I'll just use that.

  3. I have seen some of those candies in our World Market store here. Interesting to get a review on them. I saw Pretzel M&M's at the store before I visited you and nearly brought some because they sounded so curious. But I went with the other candy we brought you instead. I'm glad to know that was the better choice. :) -R

  4. :D Well I would've tried the others if you had brought them, but you made a good choice.

  5. Those M&Ms are unusually pretty!

  6. I love everything foreign - this is all so cool!

    I have zero interest in pretzel M&Ms.

  7. Still can't believe you're tasting the colours individually. :) I think, although I could be wrong, that the jelly ones are spearmint flavour?

    And... wow, those are some of the best photos of allsorts I've seen, ever!

  8. How are you supposed to eat them.. a handful at a time?




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