Sunday, August 29, 2010


Happy 40th anniversary to my parents! I wish I had a funny anecdote or at least a little eloquence, but I'm coming up blank except to say that I am so relieved they are still married. This year has left me feeling slightly cynical about marriage due to the divorces happening around me. Growing up, I'm sure I took my parents' lasting marriage for granted, but now I appreciate it so much more. They have always been very affectionate* and eager to spend time together, providing an encouraging example. Thanks, Mom and Dad!

(Oh and my mom does not have a large, double-thumbed man-hand in the above photo, despite how it looks. That's the pastor that I [mostly] cropped out.)

A more recent photo, taken by my sister:

*These photos don't exactly back up this claim, so you'll have to trust me on this.


  1. Yes, happy anniversary! I love the editing you did on the photos. Very nice. I'm laughing to think about the man hand as Mom's. Too funny. Now, do you think they'll see this post ever? :) -R

  2. Well, they don't read this blog unless I point them in the right direction (and of course they're away for two weeks anyway). I sent them a card and texted them, so it's alright if they miss this.



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