Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Nature Trail

At work, I'm lucky enough to have quick access to a hiking trail, so I took a break and walked it the other day.

I think that scene on the left would be a great place to photograph a bride and groom. I had the wrong lens to get a good angle on it, but you should trust me that it would make a good portrait background.

I'm anxious for the blackberries to be ready so I can have some with yogurt. Of course I'll take pictures when that time comes--thank you for asking!

Some spots are pretty close. Or maybe already there. I don't know much about berries.

It's a happy bee.

Hi. :)


  1. I like your happy bee! And I agree about the wedding portrait setting ... do you have anyone lined up? -R

  2. Aw, too bad. They're missing out while it's all green and lush. :) -R

  3. A better spot than an apartment gazebo?!?!? I don't think so!

    My favorite pics here are the first two of the trail itself. Trails/paths always make for nice pics : )

  4. Thank you..yeah, I like those photos and they're easy subjects, too!



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