Saturday, September 4, 2010

Dry grasses

I'm not embarrassed to be interested in photography (why would I be?), but I am still self-conscious about how that interest manifests itself at times (e.g. how dorky I look taking photos, the sheer quantity of photos I take). So when some coworkers crossed my path as I was crouched down taking pictures of what was essentially a dead weed in the parking lot, yeah I felt a little embarrassed. But it really does look different from the "inside" of the camera.

I really like the color pallet from this photo. There's a blog (that I'm too lazy to look up at the moment) that derives color pallets from nature and photos, and so this one would be kind of like this:

Well...I said "kind of." That was my first try at making a pallet, so imagine there's also a bit more gold in the first swatch.

Back to photos!

Love those diagonal lines!

Hm. I guess these photos all kind of look the same. Sorry.

More from this nature trail, and right now I don't even care that I've posted very similar photos before. You'll live.


  1. I love dry grass photos. It's like totally a color palette for my house. :) Savannah style or something. The other ones are fresher and fun -- green. I like all these. But you rarely (if ever) disappoint. -R

  2. :) Very nice. I like the pallet! I have embarrassing photo moments like that too.



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