Friday, October 8, 2010


EDIT: I just noticed that Google Reader translates the subject line! Funny.

Monday we went to the bosque, as I mentioned in my "creatures" post. Two of my nephews and one niece joined my sister and me. It was perfect weather and very green there for being the desert.


A little bit of fall.

Eventually I'll show you that it was green.

This little guy somehow missed my creatures post. Sorry, Blue!

I loved these cute orange flowers. Hi, Mom!

Here we go. See? Green.

My nephews. Z is sniffing something--I think that's his favorite sense.

My niece with her tat. She's a rebel.

Lovely trees - there is my sister with three of her kids. Notice C trying to climb the tree.

These are all out of order! This is from the entrance to the trail we took.

I liked these delicate little whatevers.

The end!

Now, an unrelated confession: I am so hooked on Pride and Prejudice lately. Have I already said that? I just keep starting it over again and letting it play in the background while I'm home. It's comforting and happy.

And if you have already seen it or don't mind spoiled endings, here is one of my favorite parts. :) :) Yes, I'm a girl.

Right at about 1:31 or 1:32 starts one of the happiest scenes in any movie. :) *sigh*

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  1. My kids are so cute. :) But your photos really bring that out. Plus all the nature photos are so nice, too! Takes me back there while I was on the walk that day. I miss you. -R



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