Saturday, October 16, 2010

Oregon Garden 1

I went to the Oregon Garden with my friend K today, so of course I have a bunch of photos to show you. The weather was perfect and the garden was pretty, as usual, but I'm not crazy about my photos. The lighting wasn't ideal and maybe I just wasn't ideal. Still, I have enough to show you that I'll divide them into two posts.

I tried to hold back from taking the same old photos I've taken there before and try some different ideas.

Okay, so how did this one make the cut?

K graciously agreed to let me practice some more portraits on her. I haven't done any portraits in awhile! Isn't she so cute with her vibrant scarf? R, doesn't her face/smile resemble our friend M.S. (de Brazil) in this photo?

K likes purple, so I like to pose her near purple stuff sometimes. (And Sunny D at other times.)

K spotted this goldfinch that some other people pointed out was sickly, which is the only reason I could get such close photos. Yes, I took advantage of an ill bird.

I like this gazebo. It's gazebo-y.

More gazebo. I want a gazebo someday.

I liked the "polka dots" on this bush.

Sooooo...I took quite a few photos of it. BONUS SUBJECT: Bee.

I have no idea what bush this is.

The clouds were cool.

Did you hear me say they were cool? Because they were. Cool, that is.

Mas to come!


  1. Beautiful! Perfect day to go to the Oregon Gardens!

  2. I like these pictures! The clouds were especially cool. Yes, K looked like M in that pose, but definitely photogenic in all her portraits. Nice work. She did great picking that pretty scarf. A good color for her! -R

  3. Beautiful!

    I hope the goldfinch got better! :\

  4. Hahaha it took me a minute to get the "purple stuff" caption. Nice : )

  5. Joe: Yay! Finally someone got that.. I figured you might be the only one, and so far it seems I'm right. :P



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