Thursday, November 18, 2010

Grandma's things

My mom and aunt have been helping my grandma organize and pare down her belongings. My mom set aside a few things for me and sent them the other day.

This was set aside for me since I like hummingbirds (who doesn't?). I love it--the colors, the gold accents and the pretty pictures. And it's meant to be used! You know what I don't love, though? The fact that I didn't line up the two pictures. Is anyone else annoyed at the unevenness?

My grandma likes turtles, so of course people have been giving them to her for years. Here's a cute necklace that looks like it's swimming in the sea (nope, just a pillowcase! Tricked you good!). It happens that my friend's mom (who just passed away) loved and collected turtles as well, so this necklace makes me think of both her and my grandma.

Finally, my grandma has a collection of tea cups and saucers. I'm not much on dainty figurines and things that serve no particular purpose, but I do think this is pretty and I like having it. I especially like that my mom chose one set (from dozens) for each of my sisters and me that she thought we'd appreciate, so it's more personalized.

Isn't it so cute that it has flowers inside?

Have a great weekend!


  1. Great pictures and "portrait" of her through what once belonged to her. I got a turtle necklace, too. My teacup set has blue flowers. :) -R

  2. It makes me happy to look at these pretty things. :)

  3. oh, I love these!! I think that last cup and saucer are my fave. so gorgeous!

  4. I think it's nice to have just a thing or two to remember people by, and those are perfect.

    And man, I was TOTALLY fooled by that pillowcase!

  5. The pictures look beautiful. I'm glad you like the gifts from Grandma. - Mom



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