Tuesday, November 16, 2010


[Random photo to make this post slightly more interesting.]

In February, I'll be leading a small photography workshop at a women's conference for the second year in a row. I'm excited about this and want to fine tune and freshen up last year's presentation.

Something that would help me a lot is if I got some feedback about what people want to know. The workshop will cover basics and is meant for the average person who wants to improve their everyday photos. It's not heavy on the technical aspects of photography, though I am thinking of adding more to that side of things this year. What do you think? I only have an hour, so I have to choose my topics wisely.

If you can think of any questions you've had about photography, please comment (or email) and let me know. Just toss out some ideas of topics that you think people would be curious about, please!

I may discuss some tips here one day, but I don't actually know how many of my millions of readers are interested in that sort of topic, and I don't necessarily feel all that qualified anyway. I just know how much I have learned from other blogs, so I'd be honored to be helpful to someone in this area. If you ever wonder about the settings or even the editing on a photo I post here, please feel free to ask.


  1. You have always been helpful with my questions. Even when I ask the same ones over and over because I don't think to write stuff down. :) That dragonfly picture is so cool! -R

  2. Just *how* did you take that photo!?

  3. Well, this photo wasn't too hard because I had my bigger lens and these dragonflies were just flying around and they'd stop and hover. So I would kind of follow them and then take a bunch of shots while they hovered for a few seconds, and a couple of them turned out!

  4. I'm slightly familiar with your "shotgun" approach to photography! And so are some of the local fauna : )



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