Sunday, March 27, 2011

I made the switch

So, I made some changes to my blog. (You can see it here, if you're seeing this from a blog reader.) The new URL is, but it points to the same place. This shouldn't affect your bookmarks or blog readers, except that it'll still say Critical Jess in the listing. You can rename it by clicking on the drop-down menu that shows up when you click on my blog in the left-hand column.

I'm not planning to drastically change my blog content, I just want to identify myself more as a photographer and make my site and blog more of an obvious team. I'm still trying to work out this whole photography business thing, and it's been slow-going since I have a full-time job (plus a part-time job). Also, I'm just slow.

If you come to my blog directly, you might notice changes here and there as I figure out what I want it to look like. I'm not entirely happy with it so far, but I didn't want that to hold me back from the switch.

Thanks for being so great, and I'll leave you with a photo to make this post a little less boring.

I've seen so many rainbows from my back door this year! I can't stop taking pictures of them, but it also reminds me that I need a lens with a wider angle. :) Anyway, this is one (actually it was a double, but you can't really tell in this photo) as it was starting to get broken up by some rain. I thought it looked pretty cool.


  1. Hey, possibly this post is not on topic but in any event, I have been browsing about your site and it looks really neat. It is easy to see I am creating a new blog and I am struggling to make it look great, and supply excellent subject matter. I have learned a lot here and I look forward to additional updates and will be returning.

  2. I like your user pic and the layout. Good job on making the switch and good luck!

  3. Ah, you took the green off of the sides. I liked that : )

    But it looks great! Love that you have a profile picture up now : )


  4. I really like your new photo of you! So cute! - Love, Mom

  5. Thanks Dan, Samantha and Mom! And anonymous.

    Dan - Yeah...I think that was bothering me and making it feel too busy and claustrophobic. :/ I'm sorry.

  6. I love the photo of you. Congrats on the switch over.



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