Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Springy things

I updated my blog's design for spring! If you're reading this in a blog reader, go over and check it out. If you want to. :) And now here are some pictures I've taken over the past few days.

The lovely violet-green swallows are back!

The right photo is of a tree that's been chewed on by beavers.


  1. I am soooooo ready for Spring! I feel like I can almost touch the bird. The camilla is beautiful! A perfect shot of the rainbow. As usual, great work. KP

  2. I am ready for Spring as well. As always : )

    Love the pics of the single flower and the beaver-chewed branch, that's great!


  3. I love that little swallow. Great uplifting photos! Thanks - Mom

  4. Love the design! The beaver log is so cool. It looks just like in cartoons. :D

  5. Thanks, all! KP isn't it getting pretty springy where you are? You're approaching the best time of year, greenery-wise! Oh it's almost S's anniversary--I have good memories of that trip and the nice scenery. :)

    I'm glad you guys like the beaver tree since I almost left it out!

  6. I remember trying to photograph swallows when we visited last year in the spring... never got a good shot. You have accomplished it! So I think I'll just borrow your picture when I want to see that bird. :)

  7. R, I don't remember that. I do remember you commenting that they looked creepy on my photos of them last year.



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