Friday, May 27, 2011

Food Friday

Here I am again! Just a few food photos from the past few weeks. Mostly average, but you can see some of the things I've been fixing.

Pulled pork sandwich. This was pre-marinated pork that is made for the slow cooker. I'm a cheater. But it was great!

Still enjoying the slow cooker--I made pot roast and I feel like I want to make it every week now.

Peanut butter bars, but I added white chocolate. I brought these to a game day with friends.

It's more peanut butter! I made these cookies and gave them out to a few people. They turned out pretty well--nice and soft and yet held their shape. I'm too lazy to look up the recipe again, but I might post it another day.

Breaking the rules with a big, squarish picture! I suddenly had a mad craving for pasta with fresh mozzarella, so I made this. It was delicious. Typically this type of dish would also include tomatoes, but I'm kind of picky about them and left them out. I'll admit it seemed to need some tomato flavor, though...maybe if I diced them small enough. I just don't like big pieces of tomato. This has a basic clam wine sauce, but you can't really tell.

Happy Memorial Day weekend!


  1. I would like to come over and eat all of these items. Especially the pasta.

  2. I agree with the old Brendanometer...all of that looks delicious! Loving the pasta with the big chunks of mozzarella!

  3. I could eat a giant plate of that pasta right now. No joke. I think having a few smallish tomato pieces on the plate would be lovely and add visual interest too.

  4. Thanks, all! I actually wanted the mozzarella that comes as lots of little balls, but they only had it as one large piece that I had to slice from. But it's still good, just not the look I was after. :)



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