Sunday, June 12, 2011

The beach

I went to the coast yesterday. It was good! Why don't I go more often?

Have a great week!


  1. Little kite, little kite, everybody likes little kite!

  2. I love the toes pose! It does convey relaxing on the beach. Love, Mom

  3. I love the toes too! :)
    And kite flying; how fun!

  4. Beautiful and fun! Sorry I'm a slacker lately on the comments. Our family members have been ill and we've had a lot going on "planning"-wise, so I've been keeping up on blogs when I can. I have read all your most recent, but am only commenting here. :) Thanks for your forgiveness on the matter (I'm assuming you will forgive me).

  5. I wanna go to the beach. Haven't been in SO long. Thanks for the visit via pictures.

  6. These turned out so beautiful. I bet that couple you took a picture for are admiring the work you did for them too. ;-)

  7. I think you can probably sell the toe picture... to the Chamber of Commerce, etc... whatever town it was... it's ready to advertise!

  8. Dan: Evvvvvverybody likes little kite. Everybody in the whole world likes little kite!

    Mom/Samantha: Thanks!

    R: Oh that's okay--you have a lot on your plate.

    StridentWorshipper/Anonymous (P?)/Tina: Thanks for commenting! :)



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