Monday, June 27, 2011

A beavery post

Finally I managed to get some closer beaver shots this evening. I saw one swimming by and it was pretty light out, so I headed down to where it was going and he swam around about 20 feet from me. Cute!

Mmm..delicious leaves.

Oh okay, bye.

Sorry, at this angle it's too hard to see the tail, but I've taken plenty of tailish photos from my deck above (see here). One of these days I'll get some of a beaver out on land, but so far I have only taken very distant ones like that once. They just hardly ever get out of the water in a place where people can see them.


  1. Amazing shots, especially the second one!

  2. Dan, you are quick to comment; I'm hardly ever able to be first on the comment list. Jessica, I enjoyed your photos again. I must say, too, I like your new header! Love, Mom

  3. Nice shots! :) Hopefully my beavery photos from Tulsa will be nice, too. Though that was an aquarium ... so it's not quite as fair to compare your "wild" shots.

  4. Dan - thanks!

    Mom - Yeah he's pretty fast, but you did beat him tonight. :) Thanks! I just redesigned the blog.

    R - Yeah, you're at an unfair advantage at an aquarium!



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