Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Who doesn't like nutria?

Huge rats with orange teeth...what's not to love? This baby (he looks adult in these photos, but isn't) was swimming around just about ten feet from me last night.

"Oh hello leaf. I would like to eat you now."

I was actually hoping to get closeup pictures of beavers, but of course I didn't see any when I went out for that specific reason.

Swim swim swim

Contemplative nutria. Being a large rat is so intense.


  1. He is kinda cute :)
    Great shots!

  2. Man, you're not happy with your photography? I think those are great!

    And I have to agree he actually does look kind of cute in those pics...Holls would probably never agree though : )

  3. Thanks, guys! Yeah, baby nutria are cute, and they are cuter when you can't see their nasty tail.

  4. I should send Myla a link to this entry. She just found out recently what nutria are (on a trip to Gulf coast Alabama) and she was freaking out about their mere existence. I told her you have tons of pictures of them. LOL!

  5. Huge rats with orange teeth! Haha! :) I love your commentary on nature!

  6. I am pretending it is a cute beaver so I don't get freaked out. Rodents are LOOOOOOOOOOOW on my list. But this is a cute beaver, yeah? And excellent pictures of said cute beaver!

  7. Sorry I wasn't able to see these sights earlier. I was camping and was only contending with ground squirrels, also rodents, who decorated our campsite with paper towels we left on the table.) The pictures are great, Jessica! Thanks, Mom



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