Monday, August 29, 2011

Portraits - my nephew, Z

Coming in at number 5 in my nephiece portrait series is Z, age 9. Z is an energetic and entertaining boy who also becomes a model in front of the camera. It's funny how most of my younger nephieces expressed some hesitation about doing a portrait shoot, but once we got going they often had more poses they wanted to try.

What do you do best? I do tricks on my bike best.

If you could visit another country, where would you go? Africa, because it's really fun there and I'll see brothers and sisters. (Should I mention that Africa is a continent?)

What age do you think will be the best? Thirties, because Daddy's life is really good in his thirties.

4. What's your favorite animal? A rhino. (I think this is a new preference.. I expected him to say dogs! Also, Z is such a softie when it comes to animals and he loves receiving stuffed animals.)

Check out his little raised eyebrow here. :) Thanks, Z!

(PS As a reminder, these were taken at the lovely Botanic Garden in Albuquerque.)


  1. Beautiful place to take portraits! He has a great imagination: Africa and Rhinos!!

  2. Excellent!

    I think Z might be right about the thirties...I like it so far anyway.

  3. My teddy bear! Great pics. Thanks, Jessica! Great teacher I am that at 9 he still thinks Africa is a country (and that I didn't even correct him when he gave that answer!). We'll work on it.

  4. Looking good Z! That shirt looks really good on him. I especially like the last two pics.

    Oh and I have to go here (R should check this out too):

    The whole thing is good but the first 20 seconds are particularly relevant ; )

  5. I guess because R is always snapping, her children are used to being photographed. Z, also, is a natural model. Love, Mom

  6. Thanks, all!

    R - Ha! It's fine. Did you watch the video Dan posted? You should! I was just pointing it out for fun, but it's easy to want to refer to it as a country.

    Dan - love the video!



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