Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bellevue Botanical Garden

I mentioned that I was in the Seattle area over the weekend. One of my outings while there was to the Bellevue Botanical Garden (I'm sorry to say it, but that site needs work). I'd been once before and was anxious to go back. The awesomest part about it is that it's free!

WARNING: There are bees in several of the following photos. I know that bothers some people, for whatever reason. I promise they won't sting you.

Aren't these images so fall-like? ;)

On the left is an interesting bush I've never seen. Brownish black?

There are lots of paths through wooded areas.

This part of it is styled as a Japanese garden.

I'd love to take someone's portraits here!

A guy pointed out a woodpecker that had flown by. It was really hard to get a decent shot of him--this was the best I could do. I appreciated the heads up, though. I love when strangers alert me to cool photo ops.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Awesome pictures and what a beautiful place! Love the woodpecker catch, too. :)

  2. That's a pileated woodpecker : )

  3. Lovely photos! Especially like the path ones - always make me wonder what is around the corner - a story in a picture :)

  4. Love the Japanese garden photos.

    And you're right, their site seriously needs some help : )

  5. These are great! I LOVE the pink flowers.

  6. I love all the photos. The broken road that goes across the creek and the water fall are especially intriguing. What a beautiful woodpecker! Thanks, love, Mom

  7. I love all your flower photos, especially! Such a beautiful place!

  8. Jonathan - Yeah, I forgot to look it up, but I know I have before. Isn't that the woodpecker Woody is designed after?

    Thanks, m214... :) I like path photos too.

    Rachael, Thanks!

    Dan, yes, thank you for agreeing! :D

    Thanks, Brenda, Mom and Samantha!



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