Sunday, November 20, 2011

Portraits - Hollie

One more 15-minute portrait session to take advantage of the great light and fall colors. I felt especially happy with these--Hollie's a great model for me and has the perfect fall look. I love photographing red heads! It's nice that she works just upstairs from me so I could interrupt her for a few photos at a moment's notice. Even nicer is that all these photos were taken right near our office building!

Read between the photos for more info about Hollie!

The leaves had just been blown into piles, so we took advantage (and didn't make a mess, I promise!).

What music do you listen to the most these days? Christian and Pop/Rock

What's your favorite season? Spring, because everything smells fresh and flowers start blooming.

What are you looking forward to? Being debt-free!

Describe your personality. Friendly, warm and fun. <--I can vouch for this.

How do you spend your free time? Baking, knitting and hanging out with family and friends.

Thank you, Hollie! I may be dragging you out again sometime. :) Winter photos, you know.

PS Am I crazy, or does she kind of resemble Sandra Bullock from certain angles?


  1. She's beautiful and perfect for fall photos. I can definitely tell that she is a warm, fun and friendly person!

  2. Great set of photos! Hollie is a great subject. Lots of good faves are the first one and the closeup with her chin on her hand.

  3. How fun are these photos?! I've been having the kids throw leaves up lately (when we come across them) for photos and I love it. Hollie has beautiful hair and a very photogenic look, I can see why you love photographing her. These are great.

  4. Samantha - Thank you!

    Dan - I always appreciate your specific favorites. :) Thanks.

    R - Yeah, I often see photos of throwing up leaves but hadn't tried it until this year. I'm glad I got to--it does take practice, that's what I've found. Thanks! Yes, she's very photogenic!

  5. A beautiful lady with a gifted photographer to take her picture.
    Love, Mom



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