Monday, December 5, 2011

Frosty the Leaf Man

It's been cold, but there is sun and pretty frost, so I'm okay with it.

Why would I crop that right-side photo the way I did, all snuggled up to the edge? I don't know! I'm a mystery.

A heart! And those are blackberries on the left, if you can't tell. After the photo, I picked them and made pie.

I imagine there will be more frost photos as the season goes on. If only I had a macro lens for some of the details! One day. :)

Now I will go back to watching Pride and Prejudice. I'm almost to the lovely ending.


  1. Frostiness! Love it. These photos are great fun.

  2. Gorgeous! I like the single leaves on the ground the most.

    How did that blackberry pie turn out?

  3. Frosty photos: beautiful and chilling. We are getting some of that frost, too. It's been cold here. I wonder when it will snow for you. Love, Mom

  4. pretty!

    I actually saw a few leaves on the ground and wanted to call you, but look, you found your own! :)

  5. You didn't actually make a pie, right? Frozen blackberries are usually gross when they're like that on the bush =D

    I love your frosty leaf photos; beautiful.

  6. Thanks, all!

    Haha.. no, Samantha. I was joking. :)

  7. The last one on the left is my fave! And I love that you picked the blackberries and made a pie.

  8. Ah, I see you were joking about the pie... :)



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