Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Hi, heron.

Just checking in. I'm currently in northern California visiting my parents, and today my mom and I took a drive to see some birds. Herons are so skittish that this one flew off when I got semi-close, but the nice part was being able to get some flying photos! I still want something better than this one day, but it was a decent catch.

How are you? How was your Christmas? I hope to post some end-of-the-year entries soon.


  1. I'm fine. Well, kids are alternating sicknesses which doesn't make me feel all that great really, but overall, I'm fine. Bad, bad, bad at blogging. But I'm trying to get back on track. :)

    Glad you are getting some good quality time with our parents. Enjoy them! Tell them hello for me.

    Love the heron pic.

  2. Nice catch! I never knew a heron was such a cool looking bird.

  3. It's a nice looking heron too!
    You reminded me that I want to do some year end in review type posts too.

  4. This is SO cool!! I love it mid-flight.



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