Saturday, April 30, 2011


It's been a month since I've posted food photos! I've been terrible about taking them, but I still hope to post them on some Fridays in the future, even beyond this year. I enjoy taking pictures of food sometimes, but then other times it feels what I eat is so repetitive that you've already seen it all.

Anyway, I have purchased a crock pot and have used it several times already! It just happens that most slow-cooked food isn't all that attractive. But here's a non-Friday food picture of some carnitas I made a couple of weeks ago:

The recipe is here. Her photo is better than mine since I didn't have all the extras in my picture.

In non-food news, I took several photos around my home, but most are very boring, so you just get a few:

And remember this little lily plant? It looks like this now:

Finally, yesterday I got to do a portrait session with my friend Jennifer, and I'm very excited to show you my favorites. Here's a a sample:

I'm hoping to post the others on Monday. I figure weekends aren't as popular of a time to read blogs. Am I right or wrong? When do you have more time for blog reading?

I hope you're having a good weekend!

[PS I coincidentally posted this on my Special Minute!]

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Computer Tips: Browsing With Tabs

I've been meaning to do more computer-related posts, but I'm lazy. It can be tiring to work up a tutorial about something, obsessing over whether it has too much information or not enough, or whether it's something everyone knows and you feel I'm talking down to you. Yes, I'm insecure! But I know little tips can be such a big help, and I like to help. Many of you will already be aware of stuff I post here, but some of you might learn something or at least know someone who could benefit from the post, so feel free to pass it on.

Let's talk about tabs. Once you start using them, you'll wonder how you managed before.

This is how they in Internet Explorer, but Mozilla Firefox is very similar. I just figure most of you who aren't familiar with tabs are also using IE.

When you first open your browser window, it will probably just have one tab on the left side. Go ahead and push on that squarish button at the top of your browser and add another tab. You can add a lot of them, if you want! Now click on the actual tabs to get to their individual pages. Easy! If you're like me, you like to monitor several sites at once (for me it's my email, my Google Reader, and a few others), so why not have them all open, each on their own tab?

But what if you're browsing a site and see a link you'd like to follow? Don't just click on the link unless you're certain you want to leave that page. Instead, open the link in another tab. There are two ways.

1. Right-click (i.e. use the button on the right side of the mouse) on top of the link and you'll see a drop-down menu (I would show you, but I can't seem to get a screen capture on a right-click menu).

2. Now left-click on "Open in New Tab" or whatever is the equivalent menu item.

The link will be opened in another tab.

(Your browser settings will determine whether you are immediately taken to that tab or not. I personally have my browser set to stay on the current page and not jump me to the other tab right away, but it's a matter of preference. Preferences can be changed in Tools-->Internet Options.)

Here, try it on this link to another of my posts: Deepwood Estate (again)

Did you know the scroll wheel on your mouse is also a button? Hover over the link, and instead of clicking with the right or left mouse button, click on the link by pushing down on your scroll wheel. It should open the link in a new tab. If it doesn't, it's a settings issue that I might be able to help you with, but not in this post. Feel free to question me in comments or email.

I hope this was helpful to at least one or two of you. My tips won't always be quite as beginnerish, but I do enjoy helping beginners!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Deepwood Estate (again)

Is it too soon to post the rest of my Deepwood photos? I get impatient. :) You can see the other ones here and here.

The nature trail behind the house ends up running into this creek. Across it is Bush Park, unless you count Deepwood Estate as part of Bush Park. I don't know all of the crazy rules around here.

More little darlings along the path.

This is how some of the nature path looks. At the end you can see the log (pictured next), but in this photo it resembles a bear or a sea lion. It would be pretty weird to encounter a sea lion in the forest, but with God all things are possible.

Close up of the sea lion.

Oh, ferns! You're killing me with your spirals! How fun is it that they slowly uncurl? Nice touch, God...nice touch! (TFD)

Bleeding hearts are so adorable to me. One day I'll have some in my future garden (that is mostly maintained by paid landscapers).

White, for a classier or bridal look! They look like they have cocoons dropping down from them.

I did see a hummingbird in this area the day before, but it was before I knew it was especially created to attract them. A hummingbird garden is DEFINITELY going in my future yard.

When I was little, I didn't think there were blue flowers. I was so naive.

This picture reminds me that I realized only last night that I totally forgot to take pictures of the FRONT of the house. That's one of those things I'll have to go back for. I'm a little slow.

Okay, I loved these and have never seen them. They are so delicate and sweet, like all the baby spiders on Charlotte's Web. I'm not sure my photos really depict them well, though.

They kind of have the shape of a fern but are comprised of so many dainty leaves. I'm holding back from using lots of annoying flowery language right now.

BONUS: I saw these ducklings in "my backyard" the other day. First duckling sighting of the year! But I'm slightly disturbed that there were only two. :|

Thanks for looking! :)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Deepwood Estate

Despite taking hundreds of photos at Deepwood this past weekend, there are still so many more I want to take! I realized later that I had forgotten a few places. I'm hoping to do a portrait shoot there soon, so maybe I can get some more shots of the grounds while I'm there. (Not that I mind an excuse to visit again and again.)

This time I can show you more photos of house and general scene, since the clouds gave me better lighting. I know they rent this garden for weddings--wouldn't it be an awesome place to get married? There are lots of little areas that seem ideal.

Back to close-ups for a bit. I love taking pictures of flowers, as I'm sure many of you do.

There are so many types of plants here. There were lots I had never seen before! I wish they marked them a little better so I can mentally add them to my dream garden.

There are lots of paths that go farther than you think. The tree over the top of this photo is like an evergreen weeping willow. I'm curious what kind it is.

I love these.

I've never been inside the house, but one of these days I will. I'm not as interested in touring inside as I am the outside.

Here's an example of plants I've never seen. These little yellows are adorable.

Mom, I think of you a lot when I'm looking at gardens. You definitely need to come to this one with me sometime!

Okay, sure, I'll take it.

More darlings I've never seen. These were just growing around the forest trails.

I have another set that I'll post soon. :)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Did the grass sing?

I have a ton of Deepwood photos to post over the next few days (from yesterday, plus today--yes, I went back!). The one above is from today, but mostly I just wanted to wish you all a happy Easter. The weather was dreary this morning, but after church we had some sun and I got to take lots of pictures of flowers, so how can I complain? I also called my parents and plan to eat something deliciously potato-y tonight. What did you have for Easter dinner?

Now can someone convince my employer that we should have Easter Monday off? :)

PS The subject/title is from a song called Was It A Morning Like This, which my mom has sung for church a few times many years ago. It's been on my mind this past week and I wouldn't mind hearing my mom sing it again! :) Hi, Mom!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter weekend

Today had probably the most beautiful weather of year, so far. It was both sunny and warm enough to go around in short sleeves, so I went to Deepwood Estate, which has a nice garden that I've visited a couple of times before.
Living in Oregon has definitely given me more appreciation for sunny days, and when we first start having some nice weather, it's like eating when you're really hungry or drinking water when you're very thirsty. It's so good and satisfying. But wandering around a quiet garden on one of those sunny days bumps the satisfaction up to the level of an amazing, home-cooked meal or the coldest, most delicious glass of crystal clear water.

I don't mean to be dramatic, but it was just so good to walk around in that setting. I wanted to text everyone I know and tell them how nice it was. That made me think about how I wish I were as excited to tell everyone the good news of Christ as I was the good news of sun. But, indirectly, appreciating flowers and sunshine and gardens and all of that natural beauty is recognizing God. (I do need to work on being more direct about it, though.) When I'm gushing about nature, I'm also gushing about the Creator.

So here's to God. Not only did he create awesomeness, but he created us to love it. We're capable of being inspired and fulfilled, sometimes when we aren't even looking for it. There are mysteries, and he lets us in on little pieces of them very slowly, and that propels us down whatever path he has for us. I'm sure there's a better way to say all of that, but I'm not so much with the words.



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