Saturday, January 7, 2012

Project 52 (27-29)

Hey, I should post my Project 52 photos!

Week 27: This is my mom's cook book. It's in lovely condition! I remember using this when I was a kid and just learning to bake. It has lots of good recipes from her mom or my dad's mom.. I don't really know where they all came from.

Week 28: A killdeer distracting me from my mission to get heron photos.

Week 29: The moon's reflection tonight.

BONUS: If you're curious, here's what it looked like in the sky.

UNRELATED: Here's a sunrise from the other day.



  1. Gorgeous sunrise!

    I love the cookbook... My mom's is almost in the same condition. It feels almost magical when I pull it out to use it.

  2. Neat moon shots; everyone was taking moon pictures the past few days. But that's cause the moon has been so spectacular; how nice of it :)

    These are great shots, Jessica!

    Your Mom's cookbook surely holds some treasures...

  3. Mom's cookbook is great! Must have some really good stuff in it to keep it around when it's that well-loved.

  4. The reflection of the moon had me confused. The picture is so clear I thought it was upside-down! You couldn't make a mistake like that! The sunrise is gorgeous!

    My cookbook is well used, but there are some recipes in there I've never tried. Can you imagine that? Love, Mom

  5. I so remember Mom's cookbook. I thought you were going to tell us you were typing it all up and reorganizing it for her. :) Hehehe. No pressure.

  6. Fayelle - Thank you!

    Samantha - Yeah, the full moon and light fog had a cool look. Thanks!

    Dan - It definitely has some good cookie recipes. :D

    Mom - Yeah it was just the right time when the lake gets really crisply reflective. Oh yeah? Anything good?

    R - Ha! I've considered it in the past, but I don't think I even knew she still had or used it. I guess I could some day, but that's a LOT of work!



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