Sunday, February 12, 2012

Project 52 (33)

I photographed these fluffy seeds last year and many people seemed to like them, so I took a few more photos when I noticed them again this year.

Also, the crocuses are coming up, right on schedule. I kind of expected them earlier since we've had a mild winter.

Have a great week! Pray that I can get everything done and be mentally prepared for the many activities ahead. :)


  1. Love the second picture : )

    Good luck with your busy week coming up!

  2. I like them! I forget, what kind of tree are they from?

  3. I love those first ones... so wispy and ethereal feeling. *love* that!
    I'm sorry that I dropped out of project 52 esp. since I kinda started it... well, life gets in the way sometimes and some things just have to go....



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