Tuesday, March 6, 2012

NM Trip

Here's a smattering of NM trip photos. I took several others, but not many were very blog-worthy.

Nieces! Yes, I have beautiful nieces.

N made "chocolate pie" for my pretend birthday. Here she's blowing out a candle.

My mom patched up these pants for her and they're adorable!

Some of us headed down to Bosque del Apache one evening to see the cranes. Unfortunately, we were a bit late and there were no cranes this trip (my sister has photographed them on previous trips--R, if you had a post about them, I'd link to it!), but I still enjoyed the scenery.

Some cormorants gathered on a branch. With the reflection, it looked like a nice sculpture.

I still had the lens I rented for the wedding--a Canon 17-55/2.8 from LensGiant (I had a good experience with them)--and was able to test it out for landscapes. I think I was more impressed in this setting than at the wedding. Check out how sharp it is on the edges where it normally blurs a bit on cheaper lenses. (Still, I wasn't super crazy about the lens overall, but it served its purpose.)

After the refuge, we ate at Buckhorn to try out their famous Green Chile Cheeseburger. Here's C waiting for his dinner. The burger was good, but I wouldn't say it was incredible or worthy of winning a Throwdown, necessarily (not that I've ever seen that show). But I'm glad we went!

Before dropping me off at the airport the next day, I had the nephieces gather up for a photo (outside of Taco Bell--great place for portraits!). This is all but one. Aren't they cute? Cousins! I was really sad to leave them.

From the plane window on the way home.

It was a great trip. Now it feels like forever ago, though.


  1. Those pics of the Bosque were very sharp. Very nice. My favorite pic is the one with the setting sun and the trees : )

  2. Oh man, your pictures came out so great at the Bosque del Apache that it's hard to realize we didn't hardly see any birds!! And I love the one of your nephieces. Only you can make the Taco Bell wall seem like the perfect backdrop. :) It was cool that some of the kids apparently coordinated their stripey wardrobes that day, too (I didn't realize till I saw the pic).

    Thanks for sharing these!

  3. Thanks, Dan!

    R - Thank you! But you probably have many of the same photos! Yeah, I guess stripes are back in!

  4. I love the cormorant photo and the one with the wheat (?)!

  5. This blog is definitely a keeper!
    Love, Mom



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