Sunday, March 4, 2012

Project 52 (34)

Two of my nieces playing in their back yard in New Mexico.

I feel behind on all things Internet. I have pictures to post, my blog design is still wintry in March (though we did have snow in March, so I guess it's not so weird), I need to de-Flash my portfolio before my senior portraits ad goes out (since everyone looks at stuff on their iPhone now), and my email inbox is at an uncomfortably high number. So of course I'm behind on posting my Project 52 photos, and this should probably be 35. I think I have another 34 somewhere, but let's not worry about it, okay?

Despite still feeling busy, I welcome March with open arms. February was stressful and busy and March is fairly planless, which is exactly what I need. And I can't believe it's almost time for the cherry trees to start blooming!

Have a great week. :)


  1. If you ever find a way to peace with behindedness, let me know. I try to make peace with it -- since I always seem to be behind -- but it's an ongoing battle. :) I'm just glad I got here to see week 35.

  2. I know what you mean; time is a lot more valuable these days : ) I have to be choosy about what I do online, so I only do the most important reading your blog!

  3. R - Yeah I don't know if I'll ever have peace about anything. :P It doesn't feel like it lately, anyway.

    Dan - Aw, thanks!

  4. Of course I love the pictures of the girls, but I, also, love YOUR new picture! We'll just not talk about whose the most "behind". Love, Mom



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