Thursday, March 22, 2012

Snow in the spring

Yesterday it was snowing steadily from before I woke up until after I went to bed. I think we got somewhere over 7 inches of snow, but I never saw the final measurement. I've only lived in Oregon for 6 years, but I don't think this much snow after the first of spring is very common in the Willamette Valley!

I can't say I minded this weather, even though it's almost April. It seems everything is still blooming on schedule, so I welcome a change of scenery for photography and general enjoyment. :) Plus, at work we always need more snow photos, so it gave me a chance to add to the archives.

I have some photos from today that I'll post later. Have a great Friday!


  1. You really did get some fantastic shots. I can't imagine what the snow will do to the blossoms on the fruit trees, but it certainly made beautiful scenary. A change can be welcome. Thanks!

  2. Love love love the pink frosted blossoms. THAT is a shot that won't be easy to duplicate! :)

  3. Well it works out that you, who doesn't mind the snow, got it instead of me : ) I would have been so mad haha!

  4. Yes, your snowy blossoms are definitely worth entering in a contest somewhere! They are almost poetic.

    We had a big snow dump here a couple years ago on the first day of spring. I got used to late snow in the Northeast, but not here in NM! So it was a shock. But the kids will be talking about sledding on the first day of spring till they're old and gray (if they still remember it now -- I do!).

  5. Thanks, everyone!

    Mom - Oh I guess I was figuring it wouldn't hurt it. :P Maybe it will.

    Dan - Oh yes I know you would! Furious!



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