Wednesday, April 18, 2012

20 years ago...was I even born yet?

Happy TWENTIETH anniversary to my sister R and her husband C! It seems unpossible that I could have a sister married that long! I remember the very windy wedding day like it was only ten years ago. Twelve, tops.

Here's to 50 more years. *clink* Oh and hey, maybe by the time you celebrate your 70th anniversary, I'll be planning a wedding of my own!

PS Happy half-birthday to me. :D It's my blog, so I get to bring the focus back to myself and my non-accomplishment.


  1. Oh man, I so was going to remember to wish you a happy half-birthday! I blew it.

    But thank you for the well-wishes, the link and hello! the beautiful picture of tulips. My favorite!

    20 years does seem like forever ago, but it's weird how the time flies! Here's to hoping you'll have a 20th to celebrate of your own one day in the not too distant future (but probably at least like 21 years from now). :D *clink*

  2. Happy anniversary/half-birthday ladies!

  3. Jessica, you are so good about remembering the special dates in your blog!
    Dad and I were also commenting that we can't believe we have a daughter whose been "married" for 20 years! Time does fly.
    Happy Anniversary Kids!
    AND Happy half-birthday to you, Jessica!!!
    Love, Mom

  4. Thanks for the half-birthday wishes, all. :D

    Mom, do you mean they aren't really married when you put it in quotes? ;)



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