Friday, April 27, 2012

Project 52 (41)

You may remember me saying I wanted purple tulips, in a previous post. Well, my friend Deborah took that as a challenge, and last weekend I had these waiting on my doorstep! Yes, she's very thoughtful!

:) :) Thanks, Deborah!


  1. It's awesome how vivid flowers can be. These are great! And what an awesome friend you have!

  2. D is a good friend!

    I particularly like the second pic : )

  3. Man, that D!! She's always so good at the gifting! I remember reading that post and thinking how it would be cool to surprise you with some, but did I act on that? No. My week has been too crazy. I'm so glad someone has the goodness in them to send you purple tulips!! Beautiful.

  4. Que Bueno! A Tulip Day is always a good day, huh? :)



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