Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Various flowers

I have lots of pictures, but I wasn't really sure how many to post at a time.
We'll see what happens here. Most of these are flowers from Deepwood Estate, though some came from work or maybe even Bush park.

R, here's another one of those camellias with its perfection. Only striped!

Not striped!

I had a good Easter. The fact that it was sunny made it a million times better than usual, but it was also a good balance of quietness and social time. Church was good, the day was good, and then I took Monday off and took some of these flower photos! All weekends should be three days.

How was your Easter?


  1. You guys have such exotic, pretty flowers there! :)

  2. Beautiful pics! So sharp, they look really good. I was going to start listing favorites but I would have just ended up listing almost all of them : )

  3. Gorgeous. Like Dan said, I started to say which I like best but had to just say they're all stupendous!

  4. Thank you for a lovely start to the day. Flowers and new life.
    love, Mom

  5. Such lovely and graceful beauty! I love those little grape hyacinths!

  6. Thanks, everyone! Those are very nice comments.

  7. GORgeous photos! My goodness. I'm blown away. You know it's easy to satisfy me with the tulip photos, but I am really intrigued by DSC_8539JMt and what that might be. I've never seen one. It's like the pattern on the petals is almost checkerboard and then the petals are smooth and nice like tulips. Anyway, love, love, love this post.

  8. What the heck is that 3rd flower?!? I love it! It's checkered!!

  9. R and Fayelle - Thanks! I don't know what that is called, but I photographed it last year too.. it's really cute, isn't it? Checkers!!



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