Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Portraits: Ashley and Courtney

Just a very small sampling of my favorites from a recent work-related portrait shoot. Ashley and Courtney were happy to cooperate as I asked them to climb on muddy/rocky terrain in their heels, crouch against wet bricks and try various poses in the wind and rain.

This is Ashley!


And here's Courtney. :D

I know her hair is all windblown here, but I think she looks great!

Thanks, ladies!


  1. How sweet are these pictures?! I love them. And it's like the rainy weather made for great lighting conditions. Nice work!

  2. Ashley reminds me of Ryan's wife,
    Courtney has a great smile.
    I really like the picture of her with the blue umbrella.
    Beautiful ladies!

    Thank you, Mom

  3. R - Thanks! The clouds were somewhat helpful, but it was actually still a challenge because it was the middle of the day and the lighting was coming from directly overhead. I had to try a lot of angles to get even lighting over the face.

    Mom - Thanks! You're right, she does resemble Amber.

  4. I LOVE windblown hair!

    These are beautiful!



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