Saturday, June 2, 2012

Project 52 (45)

Mom cutting herbs for me to take home. Thanks, Madre! I can't believe that was (practically) a week ago.

I've been very productive today! I've mostly been working on laundry, and it's so nice to have lots of fresh clothes to wear. I don't know how I own so many clothes and accumulate so many dirty ones, but I can't imagine keeping up with a whole family. Mom, how the heck did you do it? And I used to whine and procrastinate about putting away the clothes she so nicely folded. I was an awesome daughter.


  1. We all were, Jessica. I find myself having to apologize a lot now that I'm an adult and more aware of what a pill I was as a kid.

    But Mom is her usual gracious self and always has something nice to say, like how I wasn't as bad as I remember. I think maybe she's forgotten, though, because I know how I acted.

  2. R - Yeah, she's being gracious--you were a pain!! ;) j/k...j/k. Sometimes, but not always. I wasn't usually in major trouble, but now I realize how tiresome I must've been when I complained and procrastinated. I'd be up in the middle of the night trying to finish a school project and acting like I was some sort of victim. :P Also, I'm sure I make remarks about things like dinner, etc., when now I'd be really hurt if someone complained about my cooking! Moms are just tough. They can even hold hot potatoes.

  3. That's called "MamaHands", and I guess that can cover several areas.

  4. I love this one; esp. the lighting.



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