Thursday, July 12, 2012

Art Journal - Prompts 10-16

I know you've been so [un]eager to see more journal pages! I've not been very good about posting these, so then you're bombarded with a bunch at once. Sorry! Heeeere we go.

As always, click images for a larger version. 

Prompt 9 - This was the 4th of July, which I decided to make a free day--no goals to accomplish. It worked out because the prompt was almost the same as the one I traded early on, and I didn't want to do it.

Prompt 10: Talk about stuff you collect, used to collect, etc. My heart wasn't really in this one. It's just not a topic of interest for me.

Prompt 11: Here we were supposed to talk about our favorites in each of these four categories.
Prompt 12: Talk about trends you like. I kind of explained my feelings about trends mostly.

Prompt 13: This topic was actually called "Silly Insecurities" but I don't find most of mine all that silly. :P 
I mean, in the grand scheme they are, but I don't think I'm silly for being aware of how others 
look at/judge people.
Prompt 14: Now we're supposed to talk about the good things about ourselves. I'm really not comfortable pointing things out because I fear people disagreeing
Prompt 15: Pretty self-explanatory. This was timely because I had been feeling very unmotivated and discouraged this day. It was helpful to rethink my goals to help me get back on track. I actually have a specific chart of goals for the next several weeks, but not everything was shared here (it's personal!).
Prompt 16: I'm not really putting in my best effort on these. Lame! Prompt 17 should be slightly more interesting. Stay tuned.

I wanted to let you know that my sister is going to try and post weekend journal prompts for those of you interested in doing this occasionally. You can jump in (or out) anytime. Head over to her journal and see the latest prompt. It's a fun activity and break from routine--I recommend it. It's given me some stuff to think about and I reflect on my tendencies when I'm working on it. Make sure to let us know if you do it--I'd love to see your pages! I really enjoyed following R's month of journal pages.


  1. Haha, some of those are hilarious:

    "Draw lavender spiral [Check]"

    "Funny [knock knock]"

    "Not completely idiotic [B+]"

    Funny! By the way, you forgot "creative", "good cook (not just mac and cheese!)", "good employee (yes Jessica!)", and lots of other things : )

  2. Yes, you do keep me laughing, too. The lavender spiral ... I seriously need to set goals like that for myself, too. Those would be much easier to accomplish. If I could only find the lavender crayon!!

    I always love your space fillers at the bottom, too. Awesome.

  3. I loved the lavender spiral, too!

    I see you have a collection of Journal Prompts.

    I enjoyed all.

    Thanks, love, Mom

  4. These are really interesting!

    You forgot: great at Words With Friends :)

  5. Oh my goodness, I never commented back to anyone on this entry. I'm a jerk! Jerkica.

    Thanks for the comments!

    Dan - Thank you! :) I appreciate the specifics.

    Thank you Mom and R!

    Ladygoat - Thanks! :D



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