Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Art Journal - Prompts 5-8

I'm back with some more journal pages! Click on pictures for a larger version.

Prompt 5 (top left): Here we're supposed to talk about our favorite blogs. I'm always bad at favorites, and there aren't really any blogs that I necessarily *have* to check everyday, as the prompt asks. Not everyone even posts everyday. But these are the ones I enjoy that came to mind first (and I may have consulted my reader as well).

Prompt 6 (top right): In this one we were supposed to talk about some goals and desires for the moment (today, this week, whatever).

Prompt 7 (bottom left): Please excuse this one--I really don't like how it came out. I guess I suck at drawing castles. I even contemplated redoing the page, but got lazy. I liked the prompt (tell how we were feeling that day), but couldn't really express it very well. Some of you know, so I'm asking the rest of you: any guesses on what book I was reading? I just finished it today.

Prompt 8 (bottom right): Today's prompt was to illustrate an inside joke. Well, I wrote and illustrated many, instead. (I guess I don't follow directions all that well at times.) This was a fun one for me, because a friend and I have a ton of inside jokes. These all pertain to one friend, so I'm sorry to the rest of you--it'll be really lame. No need to read it over. [And please ignore the incorrect guitar drawing. :D]

Thanks for reading, and if I don't post tomorrow, have a great Independence Day! Non-Americans: have a great regular day!


  1. So, top left - I'm glad I made the list! - your spare space comments were making me laugh.

    Top right - My favorite of this set. I love the grapefruit clock and all the doodles are so much fun.

    Bottom left - I have no idea what book. The castle isn't as bad as you think. I like it.

    Bottom right - I don't get them, but they still made me laugh. Is that wrong?

    Overall, good work on keep up the journaling!!

  2. R - Wow, I'm impressed you read the text closely enough on prompt 5 that you saw my random comments! Thanks for the nice comments. Well, I'm glad the inside jokes are entertaining even as inside jokes!

  3. Obviously, I meant "Overall, good work on keepING up the journaling." I'm a doof late in the day. (All day?!) :)

  4. I've fallen a bit behind on blog reading lately so I decided to avoid my feed reader until I've got a bit more time to devote to the massive stuck of unread posts.

    Instead, I decided to visit your blog url directly, and what fun to see you blogging this cool art journal project. I love what you've done and you've definitely inspired me. I might do something similar.

    Two more things: 1) I'm honoured to make your list of blogging friends, and 2) your list box of random text made me laugh :D.

  5. I love your comment on Prompt 6:
    "Not what my bed looks like"
    It just cracked me up for some reason.

    Love, Mom



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