Sunday, July 29, 2012

Art journal

I just finished cleaning up my place after procrastinating about it pretty much all weekend. It's not fit for a visit from the queen or anything, but I'm good with it for now. I hate cleaning, but I loooove a clean place.

How the heck are you? As always, I'm just getting into the groove of my weekend and wishing I had another couple of days off. But I suppose if I have to start back to work, I'm as ready as I'll ever be.

Here are my final art journal pages:


I'm too lazy to figure out prompt numbers, so I'll just explain what I remember.

My Day: Here we were supposed to make sort of a comic/graphic depiction of our day. I did it for this past Friday the 13th of July. I think it's mostly self-explanatory. Average day.

Favorite Flower Scent: This was based on a prompt my sister gave where she asked us to talk about flowers we like or hate for the scent. My favorite flower happens to be my favorite because of it's scent, not necessarily because of how it looks (although gardenias can look pretty at times--they just aren't quite as flashy as some other flowers). Fun fact: I never used to think gardenias could be delivered from a flower shop, but I was proven wrong when I was sent a beautiful bowl of floating gardenias one year for my birthday. This was pre-digital so I don't have a photo, and now I really wish I did. It was awesome!

My City: In this prompt I was supposed to talk about the city where I live, things to do, etc. I included some activities that aren't in Salem, but close enough to visit on a day trip, at least.

And here are some current events de Jessica.

Current weather: 77° F -- perfect and welcome after feeling kind of cold this morning. I'm also kind of tired of the cloudy "mornings" (the clouds stay until afternoon, really), but let's just forget about it for now.

Currently watching: I'm making my way through Veronica Mars again. It's been a couple of years and I wanted something to turn on during meals and such. (Yes, I watch DVDs during meals--that's what you get to do when you live alone!) Who here likes that show?

Currently not watching: The Olympics. Sorry!! I feel weirdly guilty, but I just haven't thought to turn them on. I've never been big on them, though I don't mind watching if someone else is. I do love watching uneven bars in gymnastics, though, so I should probably find out when they'll be on.

Currently glad about: My computer had been acting up for the past week or so, and after many different sorts of scans, nothing was improving. But then I turned to Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware and managed to find and remove a Trojan virus of some sort, and my computer's been working soooo much better ever since! (This sounded like a commercial.)

Currently reading: Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen. So far, so good!

Okay, I think this is long enough. Have a great week!


  1. I really loved Garden Spells!

    Gardenias DO smell nice. One of my fave floral scents.

  2. Nice to see Padington's made it into the city page : )

    I've never heard of this Veronica it good?

  3. I've been thinking of re-watching VM for a while. But I want to do so with someone who hasn't seen it before. :)

  4. Loved "Wow my TV grew." :)

    Gardenias were on my list, too! Yay! And I totally forgot Wisteria on my list, too.

    There are other things I like on this post ... but I'm having a brain block. Sorry.

  5. I totally love Friday where you "wakeo" at 5:30. You crack me up!

  6. Ladygoat - awesome that you've read it too! Have you read the sequel? I really enjoyed GS and want to read the sequel ASAP.

    Dan - Well of course Padington's made it! And YES YOU HAVE HEARD OF VERONICA MARS.

    Brenda - I do enjoy watching stuff with new watchers, but it's also a bit nerve-wracking because I tend to be extra critical of everything, wondering if the friend is annoyed/bored.

    R - Oh yes, wisteria is a good flower. I don't know how it smells, though--I can't remember. And it's okay.

    Mom - Thanks! I'm your child, so you can take all credit. :)



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