Sunday, July 8, 2012

Creature sightings

I've been home on Independence Day vacation for most of the past five days. They've been good days. I took a few photos of some wildlife I've come across. Don't worry--there are no hummingbirds or beavers in these photos (though I did see many).

It's hard to get a decent kingfisher photo. I hear them a lot, but rarely see them or am within reasonable photographing distance.

Cedar waxwing - I love these.

A blue heron flew in while I was down by the water.

He will take a seat on a comfortable limb.

An osprey looks on.

A cute color combo on this dragonfly.

I don't think I've ever seen this kind of dragonfly! He was very cooperative and sat still for me.

Which means you get a sideview.

Oh hey there, ladybug!

I took a quick trip to the wildlife refuge and was very happy to see this perfect butterfly. He landed nearby and held his pose for me to get a couple of photos.

A pollywog. There were tons.

A black phoebe, I believe.

I expected to see more frogs at the refuge, but this was the only one I found!

I talked to a neighbor who showed me photos he took of two adorable baby skunks not far from my place (75 feet?)! I would love to photograph baby skunks if I could do it from a safe vantage point. I wonder how far you need to be from a skunk to be safe? I've never researched it. Anyway, he said he saw them on two occasions, in the middle of the day. I'm a little jealous!

I also saw a dead fish in the water, but didn't photograph it. And this concludes my post! Have a good week. May your Monday be better than most.


  1. Ha! We both did bugular posts today! :) Twins! I love your pictures.

  2. I did notice birds and frogs in yours, too, but you know know what I mean. :)

  3. Wow, these are great! SO sharp! I don't know if your photos are getting better and better and better or if I'm able to appreciate them more or both, but they really look good!

    Love the first photo of the dragonfly, and the heron and frog pictures especially : )

  4. Beautiful Tiger Swallowtail butterfly. We saw several of those in Indian Valley (and some at home), but yours is more beautiful. The moist air must keep his wings supple and vibrant!

    That IS and interesting dragonfly.

    Thanks, Mom

  5. Such clear and sharp photos. Excellent!

    Love the butterflies best!

  6. I'm a jerk and didn't respond to any of the comments on this post! :( Sorry, guys. Thanks to all for the nice compliments! If anyone is following this post. :)



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