Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Flowers (Deepwood Estate)

Okay, here are these.

(I've noticed more and more that in customer service situations, when the employee hands something to the customer, they say, "Here's this," instead of naming the item or even just saying, "Here you go." It's weird and, frankly, a little lazy. Have any of you experienced this?)

These are flowers I saw at Deepwood Estate the other day, many of them unfamiliar to me.  Feel free to speak up if you know the names of some of these. I will put a number that you can reference. I will also put a caption on every photo today! That's my promise to you, blog readers. All 10-36 of you.

1. Let's start off with these chile pepper-like flowers. That's what they reminded me of, anyway.

1b. Here's another view.

2. Maybe this is called a Shower Head flower.

3. The Tongue-Sticking-Out flower.

4. Duckhead flowers! 

5. Don't these look like a small flock of quiet ducks that don't enjoy bread crumbs?

6. Gosh, what could this one be? It's so different than anything I've ever seen.

7. Don't worry, I know they're roses.

8. Forgive my lazy composition on most of these pictures. I just liked this rose but didn't really care enough to photograph it well. Only the best for my blog.

9. I'm not sure if this is a kind of lavender or something else.

10.  Can these still be called fuchsias when they aren't fuchsia? Mayhaps they should just be called pinks, or light reds, if you will. (And trust me, YOU WILL.)

11. I like the middles of these hydrangeas.

12. Here's a caption.

13. These are really cute. I wish you could've seen them in real life.

14. L and R - more cute, more hydrangeas and their middles.

15. Okay, Jessica, time to move on to another flower.

16.  L: Okay these are fuchsias for real. That word "fuchsia" always makes me think of an episode of 90210 (the original) where Kelly (Jenny Garth) said her favorite color was fuchsia. Maybe just because I could tell they chose that color for her character. Oh Kelly! R: I don't know what these are.

17. I wanted to show you the size of these. It doesn't look all that impressive in this photo but these were pretty large compared to the ones I usually see.

18. White Firework.

19. L: I don't know. R: More hydrangeas.. sorry, guys! What was I thinking?

20. Okay, here's a better look at these. Flower Muffins, we'll call them.

Whoa, how abrupt was that ending? To me it was--I didn't think the Flower Muffins would be the grand finale.

I have a couple more art journal pages to show you, but then I think I'm done. The topics stopped inspiring me and I never said I was committed to doing all 30. (Apparently I feel I need to defend myself.)

It's Tuesday! It's summer. It's time for me to end this post. Goodbye.


  1. These are all gorgeous! Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. This cracked me up and the flowers were pretty too. :) I agree that the curvy ones totally look like duck heads.

  3. Haha, awesome captions! You're a funny funny : )

  4. Yeah, I can't figure which is better ... I mean, here's this ... all full of comedic captions and beautiful pictures.

    The ducks that don't like bread crumbs, ha!

    Good one.

    And it did end rather abruptly. But I'll forgive this.

  5. I laughed out LOUDLY... :) I can say the white one is a dalia... and I was told those particular hydrangeas (of which I have one) is called a lace-leaf hydrangea...

    I have this feeling I am spelling things wrong.

  6. #18... the firework... is the dahlia

  7. LOVE the duckheads and the fuchsias!

    I've never had that customer service experience... Sounds annoying tho.

  8. I did a little research. (very little) 3 and (possibly) R-16 may be impatiens. I think 13, 14 & 15 are geraniums. I know, hard to believe since I always bad-mouthed geraniums.

    There you go! I think your discriptions are better.

  9. I did some more searching: 1 is a
    crocosmia red king. It's a bulb plant. There's a farm in southern Oregon.

  10. Thanks, everyone!

    Tina, nice work on naming the dahlia - thanks!

    Mom - wow to you and your research! Thanks! And I was so surprised about the geraniums.. I see now that the violetish ones below the pink look like geraniums, but the others don't! Now I feel dumb for liking them. ;) I've been conditioned not to like geraniums since you don't (and I trust your taste!). Don't worry, I'm mostly joking, Mom!

  11. I really like #4! #5 made me laugh, totally, ducks!!

    I love that kind of Hydrangea. My aunt has those growing in her back yard. She gave me some pieces to start some on my own, but I think it's the wrong time of year...because they just kind of wilted up and died. Sorry Hydrangeas...I killed you.

  12. Dania - yeah I bet they take specific timing for planting. You should look it up and get more from her!



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