Sunday, July 22, 2012

Photo Contest Update

I wanted to let you know which photos I decided to print up for the state fair photo contest. If you don't like them, don't tell me! It's too late now.


I was planning to do the one of Hollie where she's lying in the grass in her white dress, but I couldn't find the high-res edited version. (I think I might've accidentally saved over it with the backup original.) It had a lot of editing due to the plastic mat she was lying on sticking out around the edges, and I just didn't have the energy to redo all of that, so I chose a different one. It's funny that all three of these are verticals when I tend to take more horizontal photos. I also wasn't necessarily planning to stick with ones from the samples I showed you, but the idea of going through my photos seemed tiring. This is just supposed to be for fun, not a huge chore. So these three it is! We'll see if any get chosen for display.

Thanks again for all of your input! I really appreciated the different recommendations, and your participation in general. I had to narrow it down somehow, so I ended up going with a few that I felt were pleasing to the eye, somewhat creative/unique, and that took some thought and effort for [hopefully] successful composition and lighting.


  1. Love.

    I forget what this year's theme is though ... did you tell us? Or is there one? I can't remember if your state does that.

    Anyway, best wishes for not only a display, but an award! I think you deserve something for each of them.

  2. Thanks, R! I don't remember this year's theme for the fair, but as for the photo contest, I don't think they have a theme for that. It's just whatever you want. (At least I hope I'm not missing something!)

  3. I don't tweet, but I happened to notice your feed to the right there ... you've never been to Kohl's?! That is a shock.

    You would like their stuff and they have great clearance racks. Check them out some time maybe, if you feel like it. I don't own stock or anything ... just sayin'.

  4. R - Ha! Sometimes I forget people can see my tweets on my blog. Yeah the time I was the closest was when you guys were in YC and we were dropping C off to get a new belt--remember that?

    I assume we have one in Salem but haven't actually checked.

  5. You do, on Marion St. :)

    Is entering a photo contest hard? I mean, I know the majority of my pictures don't compare slightly with yours, but sometimes I get lucky. I was just looking up NM State Fair rules ... it seems like maybe I could try, but my biggest fail is my photo editing to make my somewhat good pictures look really great.

    It just seemed like maybe fun. You inspire me.

  6. R - No, it's not hard. I just have to fill in a little application and mail in the prints with an entrance fee (like $3-5 per photo). You should totally enter! Seriously, the judges are really hard to predict and when I've looked at the chosen photos, sometimes I have no idea how they got chosen or how certain ones won out over other much nicer ones. So everyone has a shot, really. In many of my photos I only do basic edits--nothing majorly fancy--so you can probably do some basic exposure/color correction either online or in your Corel program. Even just the autocorrect might help it.

  7. We'll see. Maybe. C thinks I should. But ours is not $3-5 per photo. It's like $10 per photo. :-/

    And the rules state that I have to put my entries (up to three, like Oregon) up for sale. That's weird to me, thinking of a price tag on my pictures. I never considered selling.

    But thank you for the encouragement. :)

  8. R - I don't think our limit is 3 (maybe 3 per category?), I'm just too cheap and lazy to do more than that.

    That's really strange that you HAVE to offer them for sale, but I guess they like to do some sort of gallery store with them? Anyway, it doesn't really matter what price you put since you care more about entering the contest. Just put like $75 on it.

    And as for the entry fee, why not just start with one photo? The printing costs, so then you can keep it all reasonable. Do it for the experience! I did just one my first time and it was fun to wait for the results and then go see it at the fair! DO IT.

    What about your CA fog photos from your trip back to NM that one time? One of those would be really awesome!!

  9. Oh good suggestions! I didn't really think of olden day photos. :) My brain is focused on right now. "Let's see ... what pictures did I take today?!" :)

    I think they make us offer them for sale because the fair commission takes 25% of the sale price if we sell. Ha. Nice racket!

  10. I like these! Especially the light and texture of the one on the right.

  11. Cool. Now remember, if you win you must split the prize with us, your selection committee---j/k! =D

  12. I like your picks! Now I'm excited to see how you do.

  13. HCH - Thanks!

    Michael - No problem! The prize is nothing, as far as I know. :P

    Thanks, Jonathan, Brenda and Mom!

  14. Great selection! Very captivating.



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