Monday, July 9, 2012

Portraits - L

Here are a few of the portraits I took of my niece L during her visit. Some of these are from the video, but most haven't been shown yet.

A better look at her hair. It took a long time to fix since she has so much, and I did kind of the cheater-hurried version! We watched Legally Blond while I fixed it, though, so it was fine.
Outfit and hair change!
(Poorly-composed outtake.)

L: (above smile)
ME: Okay now can you smile for real?
L: This is a real smile... for a squirrel.

A shot to show her hair again. I added a couple more little braids and put it all up in a bun, pulling out several pieces to curl over it. 

Quick flashback: here's another time when I fixed her hair. Look at how little she is! Little K is off to the right.
More silliness. L was a little burnt out from doing portraits, so I didn't make her do a lot of tedious posing at this point. :)
Beautiful! L, you're so grown up. You're a TEENAGER. How did that happen?
But I still sneak photos of you while you're sleeping. :)


  1. I think kids sleeping are the best photos ... whatever their age. Sleeping kids bring moms great joy!

    But all these are just terrific. And I know her personality, too, so they are just perfect depictions of her in every way. Nice work on the hair, too.

  2. My 2 favs are the one in the dress where she's looking off to the side... it has a sweet girl quality... and then the one with her sitting on the curb in jeans, one foot out. It looked all grown up and thoughtful.

  3. Lots of good photos there, but my faves are the first one, the B&W white one (not just because it's B&W, but also because of her expression, and of course the sleeping one : )

  4. Not only are the photos of L great,
    You really did a great job on her hair.

  5. WOW, she is so beautiful and you captured her well. Love the braids in her hair!!



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