Saturday, July 14, 2012

Project 52 (52)

Here we are at the final photo! I can't believe it's been over a year since I first decided to do this. I am pretty sure I have another beaver or two featured in my weekly photos, but after getting some closer shots the other day, I felt like they represent a happy part of everyday life for me, particularly in the summer. I see them most evenings and some mornings. This guy was right near my side of the lake and I could hear him chewing away at these leaves. Look at his adorable paws!

BONUS: Similar photo but a different color scheme, and I liked it.

This project didn't really go as I had planned, but at least I finished it (even if a little late). I had a particular thought in mind, and only some of the photos ended up matching that idea. But all of them represent a simple and often pleasant part of everyday life. Life at my home, in nature, with my friends, and in my family.

I was going to make a little slideshow of all the photos, but apparently it's  impossible. Windows MovieMaker updated itself into an unusable program, and the other ones I've tried are not working.  Oh well. :) You may of course click on the project 52 tag (or that link I just provided you) to see the previous ones. Have a nice weekend!


  1. Congratulations!! I wish I would have finished. I hate not completing things and beating myself up over it. But my life took a dramatic turn and well, it's been hard to be creative. I'm determined to get back into it once I get my laptop back from the shop!

  2. Congratulations on finishing. I enjoy these!

    I'm thinking of an idea to do something similar but I'm not sure. Sticking with something for a long time is not easy!

  3. Yes, congrats on finishing!

    And love love love the beaver photos! : )

  4. The little beaver paws are precious!

  5. Love the little beaver paws!!

  6. Samantha - Thanks! Yeah I hate not finishing, too. But sometimes you just have to give yourself a break!

    Thanks, R. Yeah, it always sounds so fun in the beginning, but I get easily burnt out and resentful about having long-term projects hanging over me. I should know this by now, but I still take them on. :P

    Thanks, Dan, Mom and Ladygoat!



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