Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thankful Thursday

I'm feeling behind on all things blog, but I know that bothers me way more than any of you. I'm behind on my art journal pages, on responding to comments, and posting in general. It feels better to acknowledge that here, for whatever reason. Meanwhile, here are some good things:

1. I bought my plane ticket for Albuquerque in October. I'm going to the hot air balloon fiesta again! Best of all, I get so see my adorable nephieces and the rest of my family. Even my parents will be there for a portion of my visit!

2. I had a good dentist appointment today. I don't generally dread the dentist like some people, so it wasn't a big deal, but it seemed to go even more smoothly than usual. I didn't have sore gums afterwards and everything looks good with my teeth. The hygenist is really nice, too (and so is my dentist, though I generally only see him for about 30 seconds per visit).

3. I feel pretty good. I've felt like that several times over the past months. I have less anxiety than I once had, and it seems like God has given me a little break, and many areas of life are just mellow and uneventful, which is a very good thing.

4. My friends are having a garage sale. This is good for me because I was able to contribute some stuff to hopefully be sold! I'm a little nervous about craiglisting things when I'm living alone, so this was a good opportunity to try selling my office chair, for instance, and a few other things that have been taking up space. Fingers crossed my stuff sells!

(Avocado stuffed with chicken salad.)

5. Avocados are better this year. Last year they were really disappointing, and I hadn't really eaten any for several months. I've recently been able to enjoy them again!

6. Deepwood Estate. The other day I wasn't feeling well and thought an evening walk in some gardens might help. I just love having local, pretty, free places to visit.

7. Flowers. Man, there are SO MANY kinds of flowers. I was reminded of this at Deepwood because many of them I had never seen before. I'll post more photos later on.

8. Caller ID. (I'm writing this just after receiving/ignoring a phone call from an unknown number--probably a sales call.)

9. It's still mid-July. Even though the year is going by quickly (as always), and sometimes I can't believe Independence Day (or even Easter :P) has already passed, it's nice to know we still have a couple months of good weather left.

10. Other day-to-day nice things. Like walking out into warm air after freezing in an air-conditioned room. Pretty dresses. Inspiration. Trying new recipes. Having freedom, as a single person, to make my own plans and have a quiet home. Ceiling fans. Photographing a butterfly or bird that's hard to capture. Seeing deer on my way to work. Having a reliable car. A pitcher of cold water in the fridge. A good song coming on the radio. Wii frisbee golf. Being able to blog and connect with friends and family in a little way like this.

Have a great weekend! Do you have special plans?


  1. Of course, as a general rule, I enjoy Thankful Thursdays--but yay--some close-ups of small things! =)

  2. This is such a pleasant post and it reminds me of so many things I have to be thankful for, too. Thank you!

    Lovely photos.

    Weekend plans: Yard Sale at our house Saturday!! Then church service on Sunday. Nada mucho, but sometimes that's a good thing.

  3. Weekend plans? Well... packin' & havin' a yard sale! :) Hopefully your things get lots of interest!

    Saturday celebrate a birthday
    Pick up a relative at airport
    Sunday I get to lead worship at church...!!!
    Then more packing

  4. Also... that chicken stuffed avocado looked so stinking good that I'm not going to be able to sleep tonight

  5. The chicken salad looks amazing!

    Do you know what those flowers are in the first photo? I LOVE them.

  6. Glad you're feeling good, and good luck at the garage sale! I hope your stuff sells real nice.

  7. Michael - thanks! You mean photography-wise?

    R - thank you. It seems like a lot of people are having a garage sale this weekend! I guess it's the time of year.

    Tina, me tooooo! :) Enjoy your packing. I know how that is--NOT FUN. And to your second comment: I know the feeling.

    ladygoat - Thanks! Yes, they're fuchsias.

    dan - thank you! I hope so too!

  8. Those avocado halves look delish!
    I see others enjoyed them, too.

    I especially like the white lacey-like daisies. They are adorable.

    I'm thankful for your "Thankful Thursdays".

  9. I think our dentist schedules have synced up! I am going on Monday...and I'm the type that always dreads it, because I get a headache from having my mouth open too much. I"m glad that yours went well!

    That stuffed avocado looks so yummy!

  10. Jessica - yes - I like macro-zoom photos of nature minutiae

  11. Thanks, Mom! Yes, the avocado was delish. I am curious about those cute shreddy daisies! I'm sure they are a hybrid or something.

    Dania, we're dentist twins! I'm glad your appointment seemed to go well too. :) Sorry about the headaches. I don't feel I have to open my mouth all that wide so I don't have that problem--just sometimes sore teeth after.

    Michael - Oh yeah! That's what I tend to photograph the most. :)



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