Thursday, August 9, 2012

10 things


This week has been busy and I haven't made time to blog, so I thought I'd check in briefly. I just came across this old list I made in another forum back in early 2005. The prompt was to list ten things I've done that other people probably haven't done.  I would probably change a few things now, but I'll just post it as is. Obviously some of these aren't all that unheard of, but this is just for fun.

I have...

  1. Seen Mt. Rushmore at 5am.

  2. Camped on the beach in Mexico for a week (twice).

  3. Made Jello for the sole purpose of slicing it up.

  4. Taken pictures of Jay Leno's backyard.

  5. Spent a week at boyscout camp.

  6. Gone through the Carl's Jr. drive-thru in costume and makeup between my scenes in a school play (in which I played the role of an old woman).

  7. Been fired after working at a job for three weeks.

  8. Recorded myself saying things backwards (like "eepaaah") so that I could play the sound clip backwards and see how clearly it ended up sounding forward ("happy"). With my mom encouraging me. (Mom, do you remember this?)

  9. Hid by an old woman's house, in a scary town at night, so my friend and I could scare the rest of the carolers (from our church) who never showed. :(

  10. Asked a big, strange man at a gas station in the middle of nowhere (South Dakota) if he would kindly remove the bird foot that remained stuck in our windshield wipers after a run-in with a pheasant.
Your turn! Tell me 10 things you've done that other people likely haven't done. Or even just three, if you're strapped for time.

PS The other day my friend/former roommate texted me with a picture to show me that she happens to have the exact same bedding as I do! How cool are we?!


  1. This is a terrifically fun post. I love the cattails picture. I love the list of ten. I love that you and your former roomie have the same bedding. So awesome. :D

    Okay, so now I need a list of stuff I've done that other people might not have... let me get on that.

    Jessica's readers: You can see my post later at - come check it out!

  2. Fun post!

    1) Been stranded on a ship off the coast of Morocco due to a broken boiler.
    2) Sung "Amazing Grace" with a few others when asked to sing at a church in a small African village (round mud huts with thatched roofs and everything).
    3) Learned how to say "traffic light" in Spanish when asking for directions while lost in Tijuana with a bus load of teenagers.
    4) Read "Treasure Island" in Spanish on a trip down the Oregon coast in beautiful summer weather.
    5) Observed the surgical removal of a tumor the size of a watermelon removed from a tiny boy. Observed a double cataract surgery through a two-person scope, sitting next to the surgeon.
    6) Blew the foghorn on the bridge of a 159-meter-long ship in low visibility conditions.
    7) Made a careful retreat when a bear “woofed” at me from behind a big blackberry bush (I think).
    8) Learned how to say “floss” in Spanish while translating for a dental clinic.
    9) Towed a 12-passenger van with a Honda Civic.
    10) While on bicycle, crashed in the middle of a two-lane highway with the only other vehicle within a mile; my dad on his bike (we were looking opposite directions while crossing the highway).

  3. Thank you, Jessica, for your list of 10 things that most people may not have done. I'll have to really take some time to compose 10 unique accomplisments, especially after reading Jonathan's list!

  4. This whole post is fun, but I really really love the picture. :)

  5. What an awesome list! I've actually made jello (or jelly as we call it over here) for the sole purpose of cutting it up, but none of the other things!

    I would contribute with a list of my own but I'm kind of sleep-deprived right now. Maybe I'll blog one!



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