Thursday, August 16, 2012

Frog Tree

No Thankful Thursday today. Just a frog picture.

I've shown you photos of a frog in this tree before, but this is slightly different. Back story: there's this tree with a hole right near my office, so my coworkers and I often check for frogs. This time of year, there's almost always one, but sometimes we've even seen two little heads! Who knows how many can fit in there.

Today I was looking at the little frog buried in the hole, and I automatically blew on him, and he opened his little mouth and then started climbing out of the hole. For some reason blowing air into the hole causes him to move out. Weird.. I'm not totally sure why, and I hope he's not suffering because of it, but it's fun! And so I took some pictures.

Something else interesting I just realized by comparing the two images: The tree hole is apparently healing itself and growing smaller. This frog might be a bit bigger, but not that much bigger. Here, compare:

That's the difference after just ten months!

I never really thought about trees doing anything but growing wider and taller. Pretty soon there won't be any room for the frogs! Thanks a lot, tree.


  1. How sad that the frog hole is going away! But I guess it is a good reminder to enjoy things while they last ... because they might not last forever. :)

    Cute frog pictures though. Frogs are very photogenic, don't you think?

  2. How inconsiderate of the tree! ;) These pictures are cool.

  3. Adorable photo!

    Thanks, love, Mom



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