Saturday, August 4, 2012

Hotness and my bedroom

(The subject of this post sounds misleadingly scandalous.)

Today is supposed to be the hottest day of the year so far. The prediction is something like 102° F (depending on the source), and it's currently 98. But at least it only feels like 94. :) Actually, having a few days of hot weather each summer is common here, and I don't necessarily mind too much. I grew up in a much hotter climate. The difference was we had air conditioning growing up (at least most of the time).

My place does not have a/c, and though every year there are usually a couple of days when I swear I'm going to buy a window unit for next summer, I never actually do it. I have fans and plenty of windows, and with the temps going into the 50s and 60s most summer nights, it's not a huge deal 95% of the summer.

But when it does heat up, I have to do all sorts of things to keep my home as cool as possible. This year I tacked old comforters over the larger windows that let in a lot of heat. The place looks like a cave now, but it'll be worth it tonight and over the next few days.

What I hadn't planned on, though, was losing power. It went out at around 9:30 this morning while I was watching Veronica Mars in my cave. I went outside to bring out the trash and overheard a neighbor saying they called and learned it would be out for about two hours. I hadn't planned on going out so early in the day, but I went ahead and did some shopping. When I returned at almost 2pm, the power was still out. Now I'm at my office, where the a/c is crazy.

How did you like that long update on my day? As a reward, I have pictures I've been meaning to show you.

A couple of months ago, my coworker alerted me to some Ikea nightstands on Freecycle that were in really good condition. I've never used Freecycle in my life, but I decided to snatch them up for my bedroom, since I've never had two matching nightstands before. (Don't be fooled by the godly stack of books. Most of my bedtime "reading" involves catching up on Words With Friends.)

I used the new nightstands as motivation to slightly rearrange and organize my bedroom. A friend of mine also hosted an organization challenge, so I had to take these photos to show my handiwork.  No, I'm not going to post my "before" photos here in public. Sorry!

I know what the ladies (and probably my dad) are thinking right now: why are her walls blank? Well, I tend to put my bedroom last in terms of decorating priority, so I have not hung anything up. It takes time and money, and I just haven't felt like doing it! Plus, I actually don't mind the clean, sparse look of the walls.

Those of you who have seen my room might remember that this dresser was on the other side. It was also pretty cluttered and had a small TV (that I never use anymore) on top. I decided to clear out as many things as possible.

I also hung some cheap curtains just to soften the windows. It makes such a big difference even though they are a plain color. 

I love the new arrangement. The best part is that it created more room so that my twin air mattress fit right at the end of the bed when my niece came to visit. We had a nice little slumber party setup in there without causing many problems with getting around. Here's how it looked.

Eventually I will put up some pictures (if I don't move first), and I'd really like some nice matching lamps for the nightstands. I have shopped for them a few times, but then I never feel like spending the money on something that won't matter that much. (Sometimes I wish I didn't live alone just so I'd be more interested in finishing touches.)

Now, fellow bloggers, I challenge you to show us your bedroom! It's fun to see living spaces, and the nice part about putting up photos is that it's a great incentive for me to clean. My bedroom definitely doesn't look like these photos all the time.


  1. Oh man, I did like a major clean-up in our bedroom back around C's birthday, I think. I think I took pictures then ... though, sadly, our room needs another overhaul.

    It, too, gets last priority.

    The funny thing is that *I* do not live alone and finishing touches are still not here. Nearly four years in this house and still only one painted room. Hardly anything on the walls. What's wrong with us?!


    In the meantime, your room looks nice. :) Good work and nice nightstands for sure!

  2. R - Gosh you are quick. Thanks! Well, do you have those old photos? I took these photos at the end of May, and I'm still counting them. :) So show us the old ones!

    You're right--I can't say I'd be great with finishing touches just because I had others living with me, either. It just seems like it might serve as some motivation. And you're really busy with stuff so you have better excuses--plus, you HAVE done a few things downstairs. You have some nice color up on the walls!


  3. Okay, I posted the one cell phone picture I took. It's lame. :/ But who am I to turn down a challenge?!

  4. I won't be posting a photo of my room...because it's kind of frightening right now. A few weeks back I cleaned out my dresser and went through my closet to sort my clothes. I threw some away, but all of the give-away stuff is sadly in plastic bags waiting for me to actually haul them off.

    There are a lot of things I'd like to change about my room...but when I start thinking about it I don't feel the motivation to actually do them. Probably because purchases are involved. Here are a few:

    1. Buy a flat screen monitor to replace my big bulky one.
    2. Buy a more compact desk for my computer so that I'll have more space to work with.
    3. Buy another dresser, my closet and current dresser just aren't cutting it.
    4. Get some stuff on the walls. My room was painted yellow a few years back, and I've hung a few things, but it's just not what I want.
    5. I really want new bedding, but I haven't found the right set yet. That's something I'm regularly searching for.
    6. Oh, and if I could afford it, I'd reconstruct my big boxed windowsill so that it was a window seat. I've wanted one of those for as long as I can remember. I bet it would be expensive to do that though.....

  5. Dania - I wish I could help you give you the room of your dreams! I bet there are some cheaper ways you could accomplish your goals, if you did a bit of looking.

    As for the window seat, do you mean you want it to be lower down? Because you could make a high-up one with a ladder. :D I'm sure you've thought of that or even done that already.

  6. Thanks, buying a new monitor would only be around $100. I'm just waiting for my big one to die first. It's the one that I've had since 1998, so I guess I should be thankful that it's lasted so long. I've gotten several new computers over the years..but just not a new monitor.

    I need to start looking at yard sales for a dresser, I bet I can probably find one at a good price that way. I've looked at Craigslist but haven't found exactly what I have in mind yet.

    Yes, I want it lower down. The windowsill is extra wide, it's just a pain to climb up there. I'm not sure structure-wise if it's possible to lower it without causing a huge problem. (the outside of the house below my window is that might be a problem.

  7. Dania - oh okay, I kind of forgot about the brick. I remember the window sill though. I totes remember! I haven't seen that room in a long time, though--not since it was someone else's for awhile. Didn't it have bunk beds?

  8. Haha, yes! When Rona moved out, and I moved to the other bedroom this room became Tricia's and she had a bunk bed. I completely forgot about that!

  9. Your room is so sleek and simple! I like it! Those end tables are awesome. I won't be taking photos of my bedroom. It's eons away from being photo worthy- plastic tote bins for end tables for starters. I think most people decorate their bedrooms last because it's the room in the house most rarely seen by visitors.

  10. Sorry so late with my comment. I have to compliment you on your lovely bedroom. Good job! I got a kick out of your "spicy" come-on, too. :)



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