Saturday, August 11, 2012

Portraits - Abby

The other day I did a brief portrait session with Abby. It was arranged for a work-related project, but I decided to do it in the evening (better light) after work and extend it for some personal practice (plus it's fun!). The weather is so nice that I like to take advantage, and Abby cheerfully went along with my different ideas.

I love this larger one. She's a beauty.

The wind kept blowing her hair back and we kept having to bring it forward again.

For some reason the area by this ivy wall had really nice light (I even used it the following day on another photo shoot). I guess the building might've been reflecting a bit. Anyway, this is another one of my very favorites.

Thanks, Abby!


  1. Cute photos! She is beautiful. Does she normally wear glasses or were those borrowed? They look cute on her and it was fun to mix up the look. :)

  2. For some reason, I fell in love with that black and white one. I struggle with B&W and getting them to look good. Great shots all around!

  3. R - Thanks! She does wear glasses, but also goes without enough that she was open to doing either. I took some with glasses but then had her take them off and we ended up doing all the rest without. I love her glasses and think she looks cute in them, but of course it's easier to photograph without so there are no reflections to worry about.

    Thanks, Samantha! I struggle with sacrificing color, so I don't turn many black and white.

  4. I enjoyed the portraits. Abby is a cutie and appears to be very sweet.
    Thanks, love, Mom

  5. I really like the two pics with the ivy also (the first and last one). Abby has a great smile!

  6. Gorgeous photos! She is a beauty indeed.



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